About Us

ParthaZ the short and attractive terminology is –one self motivated creation, of Mr Parthasarathy Rajagopalan,, which came into existence in 2007, out of thought to give back to the Industry from whatever has been earned and gained in the past 2 decades of work experience in various departments.

Parthasarathy Rajagopalan
A pharmacist by qualification and further strengthening with a Post Graduation in pharma and added with Management

From grass root level professional in field sales to scale the heights to reach as global business head, through the steps of practical experience in the departments of marketing, product management, strategic branding, International sales, regulatory , corporate affairs etc.

The entire journey has been quick for this man, as he had the vision, but more of PASSION for the Industry.

then began the STEPS which were crucial for Partha, as the main motive was to be present as the Pharma consultant or Advisor with VALUE addition

This process was to be established by the few basic business conceptual clarity

Why Parthaz ?

A Small And Responsive Team
Our Indepth Understanding of Business adds value to your strategy
Most companies come together for business transactions, WE build a partnership for forever

A Small And Responsive Team
Our team which is as various associates and few members to act as backoffice support, has been well groomed to serve our clients

Most companies come together for business transactions, WE build a partnership for forever- Always the initiation of buyer-seller with this thought as foremost

Personal trust and stable, long-term customer relationships are pivotal to our business concept. Whenever you work with ParthaZ you will be guaranteed the experience of professionalism and integrity which you can rightfully expect. Operating under strict confidentiality agreements, we routinely secure our customers' data on several physical and electronic levels.

Our Indepth Understanding of Business adds value to your strategic solutions- WE never ever approach without understanding, and share the knowledge that is with us to clients

During the years ParthaZ have always adhered to this key motto, had adopted at its inception to illustrate that with strong understanding of the process in Pharma Industry Business operations and ensuring the two corporate in the association form a strong and long lasting relationship. We have gone beyond simple consulting, and have transformed ourselves into value added solution provider and building business relationship - an enterprise which can identify, understand, analyze, and integrate many types of business-relevant information for our customers to enhance their growth.